Part Number N2012/KIT
(with 2 PX31L Probes)
N2012 Temperature Data Logger Kit with 2 penetration probes

N2012 temperature data loggers can have up to five temperature sensors. Use to monitor multiple points in fridges, freezers or other temperature sensitive areas.

One of the Diligence EV data logger range, N2012 is also ideal for building services, scientific experiments, production processes and heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

It requires a multi-link box to connect multiple probes.

Requires dedicated software and a computer interface to download data to a PC.

Two versions of software are available, EVSW for general use and ideal for HACCP and other quality systems, EVSWPRO which aids compliance with 21CFR Part 11 EVSW Software and New USB Cradle Drivers can be downloaded using these links.

  • Download EVSW Software
  • Download USB Cradle Drivers For Windows XP and Win 7 32 and 64-Bit
  • Download Installation Guide

    • Internal sensor with measurement range -40C/-40F to 70C/ 158F
    • External sensors measurement range -40C/-40F to 150C/ 302F
    • LCD Display for temperature readings and alarm indication
    • Tough, moulded case, dust and waterproof to IP67 standards
    • Large memory capacity of up to 16000 readings
    • Ability to log over multiple periods
    • Single, multi-function button
    • LED indicators to show active logging
    • Alarm conditions, plus audible alarm warning
    • Temperature system accuracy, suitable for food industry applications
    • Long battery life
    • Two year warranty

      Kit includes:
    • 1 x N2012 Data Logger
    • 2 x PX31L Penetration Probe
    • 1 x N2000BOX Multi-Link Box

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