Comark On-Site Services

Extend the performance of your RF500 Wireless Monitoring System with Comark’s On-Site and UKAS Calibration Services.

Comark-on-site-serviceAccurate calibration of instruments is a vital way of maintaining quality standards and demonstrating to regulatory bodies and customers alike that adequate safeguards are in force.

For added convenience, Comark's service team can visit your site to calibrate equipment to UKAS standards. You safeguard your reputation knowing that instruments meet regulatory guidelines with the added convenience of not sending them away for service and calibration.

Comark offers an extended warranty at no extra charge following on-site UKAS Certification of your wireless monitoring system which is valid for the duration of the UKAS certificate*. The offer includes an Annual Service and Backup.

If you place an order for the following year, we will hold the current price and give you an additional 10% discount.

*To qualify all UKAS certification must have been provided by Comark.

For advice or a quotation, contact the Systems Support Team on
+44 (0) 207 942 0714 or email


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